Uncovering New Pathways with the Arts at Frog Hollow

In collaboration with Atelierista Rebecca Heyl, the educators at Frog Hollow Reggio-Inspired Learning Centre asked,

"What is art? What could it be?"

"How can the arts be used as a tool for inquiry?"  "How do we balance and honour the process as well as the product?"

Art can become a process of connection and communication, fostering empathy and respect.

At Frog Hollow, the preschool space is shared by a school-age program in the afternoons. When some of the older children were not respecting the preschoolers' materials, art became a way for the two groups of children to communicate. Through art, they were able to engage with one another, even though they use the space at different times of day.

Engaging with the process allowed both children and educators to see possibilities in place of problems.

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