Winter 2022: A Day with Gunilla Dahlberg

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Gunilla Dahlberg for our conference!

During our day with Gunilla we will think with the history of Early Years education in Canada and Gunilla's work in regards to "Quality Childcare," current conditions of our Early Years education, and the possibilities we could work towards learning from different educational projects around the world.

A large portion of the day will be focused on Pedagogical Documentation and its role in cultivating democratic learning cultures through small-group exercises and large-group discussions.

The session will be recorded and the recordings will be available to registered participants.

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About our Presenter:

About Dr. Gunilla Dahlberg:

Dr Gunilla DahlbergGunilla Dahlberg is professor emerita of education at Stockholm University, Department of Child and Youth Studies. Since the early 70’s she has carried out research in the area of early childhood education and social welfare policy for young children and their families. She is currently engaged in three different research-projects: Children’s Dialogue with Nature, Trans-culturalism and Communication and The magic of Language.

She is one of the principal architects of Sweden’s national policy on early childhood education and social policy. She has also, with her colleagues, developed preschool teacher education, undergraduate, master and doctorate programs for the field of early childhood education.

Since the early 70’s she has carried out research in close cooperation with the preschools in the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy. She is a member of the scientific board of Fondazione Reggio Children, Centro Loris Malaguzzi.


Saturday, February 19, 2021
9:00 am to 12:30 pm, Pacific time


Online, via Zoom

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