A group of childern and adults with a banner that reads, "Children have the right to be heard"

Learn with us. Become Reggio Emilia-inspired.

Welcome! The Learning Centre helps educators, parents, and caregivers learn more about the Reggio Emilia approach. We provide practical advice and support so children and communities across BC can blossom through this creative and engaging approach to education. Our events, resources and consultant services are designed to help you get started or bring your existing Reggio Emilia practice to the next level. Come learn with us!

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Our Statement on Current Global Conflicts

The Reggio Emilia approach arose as a response to the types of thinking and world-making that can lead to war as a solution to conflict. It is anchored in the belief that children are entitled to an equal and active place in a world that is secure and safe for all people. As educators, we condemn all attacks on civilians and violence as a means of addressing our differences.

"Children are at the window with adults. And the world, this human adventure and all it contains, flows past in the street. War is occupying our streets. The humanity’s greatest profanity, this ordeal with no return… Children are watching, and watching us"
Loris Malaguzzi, Children, The War, and Us

Courses & Events

Whether you’re new to Reggio Emilia or you’ve been practicing the approach for years, we have a variety of courses and events tailored to your needs. From spotlights on specific principles, to hands-on experiments with materials, to witnessing Reggio-inspired learning in action at our child care centres.

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Tours & Consulting

We offer hands-on guidance to care-givers and educators wanting to bring Reggio Emilia to their programs. Each consultation is customized to the unique needs of your program and staff and include onsite visits, mentorships and workshops.

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Resources & Reading

Find everything you’re looking for and more in our Reggio Emilia inspired library. We’re always adding new items including downloadable PDFs, videos, slide shows and up-to-date links to other Reggio Emilia organizations and practitioners.

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