Fall 2022: Compassion & Silence: Trauma-informed
Practices in Early Years Spaces

We’re looking forward to welcoming Orah Chaye to present at our first in-person conference since the pandemic.

Trauma is something many children (and adults) live with – even saying goodbye to your parent as a young child can be a traumatizing event. Particular groups of children, such as children who are refugees, children who come from lower-income backgrounds, children with diverse abilities, children with multi-gender statuses are more likely to experience more intense trauma; and generational trauma exists with children from different racial status (especially racialized and marginalized children). In the past two years, many educators have experienced the side-effects of the collective trauma our children have faced due to the pandemic.

Orah Chaye will speak about the many forms of trauma, help us understand trauma-based and bias-free approaches and uses BCELF tools such as Pedagogy of Listening, Observations and Documentations to demonstrate how educators can bring these approaches in their daily practice, and create learning spaces that are inclusive to every child.

If you have questions, please contact Maryam: 604 817 2491 OR maryam@froghollow.bc.ca

About our Presenter:

About Orah Chaye:

Orah Chaye is of North African and Sami descent growing up with a strong Oriental cultural influence since age 10. A highly experienced Educator and Consultant for over 30 years, she has developed the Creative Process Inclusive Trauma Informed Practice (ITIP) methodology approach.

Working extensively in Indigenous, Refugee and Immigrant populations, Orah is contracted for a wide variety of In Service development projects to many agencies and is invited to present at numerous conferences and symposiums. Examples of Orah’s work appear in ECE textbooks, and she has written a wide variety of curriculum including: Welcome to Canada – a Young Refugee’s First Weeks, Physical Literacy and Nature Exploration Toolkit, and Parenting in the Canadian Context. She has a particular interest in early human brain development, its correlation to early attachment and the parent child relationship, intergenerational and developmental trauma.


Friday, October 21st and October 22nd, 2022
9:30-3:30 both days. Registration opens at 9:00 am each day


Victoria Edelweiss Club:
108 Niagara St, Victoria, BC

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