Making Children Visible is our favourite initiative at the Learning Centre.

Through this initiative, we bring children out into the community through community projects. In turn, these projects remind adults that these young individuals are active citizens of our society.

Last year, we made a mural about the children's vision of the city with local artists. We also asked people on Commercial Drive how we could make the street more welcoming to children. We shared children's processes of learning in public spaces throughout the city through our Encounters Exhibit.

This year, we are very excited to be working with Angelo Moroni, an actor and theater director. With his support, the children will create a scene of Image Theater and perform it in Downtown Vancouver. This project asks our Kidsworld School Age Children to think about their position in the world. How do they view themselves in relation to adults in our society?

Image Theater is a powerful tool in the field of the Theater for the Oppressed and Angelo is supporting us to use this tool to bring the voices of children into the public. This week was the first time our children met with Angelo. They started the session with simple theatrical games and some deep discussions.

The group began with a discussion asking,

"As individuals, what is important to us?"

“What’s important to me?”

“What is important in my house?”

“What is important in my Neighbourhood?”

“What is important in my city?”

“What is important in my country?”

“What is important in my world?”

We look forward to this process and can't wait to see these artists on Granville and Georgia on November 20th, International Children's Rights Day.