Suzanne has over 25 years experience of working with children in a variety of settings: preschools, schools and museums, etc. She has also worked as a teacher, special needs teacher, director and consultant.

Suzanne has visited settings in UK, USA, Iceland, Canada, Palestine, Turkey, Greece, China and more. Each place has inspired Suzanne to evolve as an educator and to share this learning journey with those she continues to meet. She lives and works in Sweden, a leader in alternative education.

Since 2012, Suzanne has been sharing her learning journey on her blog, Interaction Imagination. She is also in the process of writing a book about Original Learning.

Suzanne is passionate about all forms of play: risky play, role play, outdoor play, play and art, play with words, sensory play as multiple ways children explore the world. As a mother of children on the autism spectrum, inclusive learning and play environments is something always close to her heart.

Suzanne’s thinking around children’s Hundred Languages, and interweaving technology and analog in Reggio is so inspiring. We can’t wait to share space and learn from her in February!

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