On January 19, 2019, Frog Hollow Learning Centre provided a Custom Workshop to the educators of Bright Eyes Academy.

The educators at this centre have been exploring the Reggio Emilia approach for a few years and they wanted to get a better understanding of some aspects, including documentation and engaging in long-term projects. Of course, every team has members who have just joined and need to learn the more basic principles of the approach as well.

When Bright Eyes Academy’s educators reached out to us, we took some time to speak with them about what their team had already explored, the dynamics of their team, the age of the children they work with, and what they wished to learn.

The team of 25 educators came to Frog Hollow for an 8 hour workshop and tour on a Saturday. Maryam facilitated the workshop which included:

  • One hour tour of Satellite Children’s Centre – toddlers and 3-5 programs, followed by time for reflection and asking questions
  • Opportunity to interact with material and carry discussions: Play & Possibilities
  • History, philosophy and principles of the Reggio Emilia approach
  • Documentation and Pedagogical Narrations
  • Understanding Curriculum Design Paths

The day was filled with interactive discussions about shared stories from our childcare programs, videos, audio-recordings and projects. It was very rewarding for us to listen to their educator’s experiences and to be able to share some of our work with them.

Here are some comments the educators made about the workshop:

 “It was a great opportunity to see how the educators and families at Frog Hollow come together to explore the world and respect one another and trust that the process is the important part of the journey that is childhood” – Tara Hansson


“Thank you Maryam and Frog Hollow for having us into your centre. You’ve given us a lot to think about and re-lightened the fire in my belly” – Lauren


“For those who are interested in transitioning to Reggio philosophy, this workshops is a great start”


‘Very informative, clear, great information”

Custom workshops and tours are a great way for schools and organizations to plan a Reggio-inspired professional development that is accustomed to their experiences, circumstances and pedagogical intents.

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