Children and an educator experiment with a model of an environment, in front of a brightly-coloured mural.

Often we hear that the Reggio approach is only appropriate for younger children. At Frog Hollow's Children's Centres, we have deeply looked into this claim, and we disagree with it.

Can the Reggio approach be applied in School Age programs? Can educators and older children be partners in learning? Can educators believe in a rich image of an older child? Can older children own their own space and create their own culture?

The Reggio approach is a philosophy; a way of thinking and living. It is applicable to all ages – but it is different for younger and older children.

Facilitating long-term projects can be tricky and overwhelming in School Age programs, but it is possible. To see an example of a project at our Nootka School Age Care, check out our Nature Documentation our Resources page.

Want to learn more about the Reggio approach in School Age programs? Register for our upcoming workshop, where we will study the implications of the Reggio approach in School Age programs, share examples of projects and investigations, and discuss challenges and opportunities.