Since the start of staying at home due to Covid 19 virus, many of us have had almost no contact to the outside world or our families and friends.

At the Learning Centre, we recognize that this is an emotionally stressful and difficult time for many adults and children. We have launched a community project to promote positive interactions using children’s beautiful and positive ways of thinking and imagining.

Message of Hope” is a public Facebook group that invites children and adults inspired by art to post their art work - process or product - to spread hope, love and encouragement through these times of isolation.

We would like to share some of the Art pieces we have received from around the world, and we also invite you to join the page and the community!

The Learning Centre plans to create a community gallery to present these pieces once we are all out in the community together again. For now, we hope you enjoy this virtual gallery on Facebook and hope to see your art there as well!

Click here to visit the Facebook group.