An educator and children sitting around a table in a Reggio environment.

A group of children at our 3–5 Satellite Program have been exploring buildings as they work towards understanding collaboration and flexibility. Miho observed that the forms of the children's constructions were fluid until they began to discuss with each other, or until the buildings became larger. Only then did the children classify their constructions.

As the children are learning to use their real and non-real life experiences to share their ideas and turn them into creations, we wonder:

What does it mean to collaborate?

What does it take to be flexible with our ideas and let go of our preconceived ideas for new ones?

As educators, if we can hold onto these questions as we collaborate with children, what can we learn?

By facilitating meaningful conversations, Miho supports the group to share their own ideas with confidence. At the same time, they accept others’ ideas when they make sense to them.

To read Miho's documentation, see our resource item here.