We are very excited to announce the Encounters Exhibit, to be held at various locations in Vancouver from January 15, 2019 to February 15, 2019. The theme is Making Children Visible, so I wanted to share some of our thoughts on how Frog Hollow Reggio-Inspired Learning Centre works to make children visible in our society.

The Save the Date Flyer for the Encounters Exhibit.

Traditionally, children have been considered tomorrow’s citizens – treated as consumers rather than contributors. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, we argue that children are individuals capable of asking questions about the world, seeing injustice in society and offering solutions when listened to as citizens of today.

The Process of Learning is one way for the general public to understand the depth of children’s thoughts and theories. The Encounters Exhibit will bring together early childhood programs and elementary schools to display the process of the children’s learning. Through these displays, we invite the public to experience the complex situations children are capable of manipulating and exploring.

While these displays will narrate the process of projects and the children’s theories, experimentations and offerings to the public, they will also be natural encounters between children and adults – an exchange in which adults listen to the voices of children, creating opportunities for children to be seen and heard as active citizens and participants.

The Encounter Exhibit is about encounters in the community – bringing children out of school and into spaces the general public share in our community.

We hope you’ll join us.